Schody balustrada szklana


We provide services for carpenters' shops as well as for furniture and stair manufacturers. Modern and highly specialized machine park enables us to realise each contract!


Cutting stairs Stairs&Doors-pol offer

We have a modern 5-axis CNC milling centre and we work on a professional software "Compass"- version of this programme includes vertical and horizontal crooked timbers.

Maszyna CNC podczas pracy

Cutting out of stairs Offer by Stairs&Doors-pol

steps number Straight 1/4 L 1/2U
12 550 636 696
13 600 686 754
14 650 742 812
15 700 795 870
16 750 848 928
17 800 901 986

Additional services

Cutting out of a lying crooked timber - 300 ZŁ NET

Cutting out of a standing crooked timber - 385 ZŁ NET

Stair design - 160 ZŁ NET For cutting on site – 100 ZŁ NET

We are able to suggest connecting/joining elements - 150 ZŁ NET (rampa mufa)

Exotic wood machining - 150 ZŁ NET

Risers - 100 ZŁ NET

Grinding with a wide band grinder, paper granulation 100 up to an 1100 mm width.

At stair tread thickness above 52 mm surcharge 20%


All design must be made with the COMPASS program.
The plywood allowance for its length and width shall be approximately 30 mm.
Steps and banisters are machined „straight”.